In Focus (1950’s) magazine of the Professional Photographers’ Association of British Columbia

In Focus 1


Trade magazines are a great resource for any historian and these copies of  the Professional Photographers’ Association of British Columbia’s magazine ‘In Focus” from the 1950’s are so interesting to read through.

They are certainly of their time, as the myriad cheesecake style images attest to, but they show a concerned group of  men (I see no mention of women photographers in my first quick read through) concerned about their industry and their work, how to make it more professional and how to better educate themselves as photographers.

In Focus 2

A couple of posts back I showed an image of photographer Art Jones with writer Pierre Berton (here) and the cover of the February 1951 issue (at top of page) features a Jone’s photo, an aerial shot of Vancouver. Details for the shot are that it was taken from a B.C. Airlines Cessna 140, at an altitude of 3000 feet. The camera was a K-20 (?) and film was Eastman Super XX aerographic. The exposure was 1/500 at 5. 11 with a K2 filter. The print was made on Ansco Cykora #3 glossy paper.

The cover image at right is of the then 32-year-old singer Lena Horne by Eric Skipsey. The cover image at left while it identifies the subject as Dorothy Prentice, wife of well known radio singer Ernest Prentice does not, oddly identify the photographer.

Below are ads from the back page of the magazine.

In Focus 3


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