Vancouver photographer Yucho Chow

Yucho-Chow-Cover social

This story is an excellent example of how a photographer’s archive can come so close to being lost forever.

Thanks to the work of one woman, Catherine Celement, the images of Vancouver photographer Yucho Chow have been and are being rediscovered.

Chow ran his portrait photography studio in Vancouver 1906 to 1949 when he passed away. His sons Peter and Philip took over the studio after his death and operated it until 1986. However when they closed the studio, the archive of negatives were all destroyed.

Chow-Storefront social

Clement came across Chow’s photographs while doing historical research on another project nearly ten years ago and has been patiently tracking down images and information since.

She has created a web site dedicated to the project and one of the unique things is a page that shows the how to figure out if you own a Chow portrait by examining the backgrounds (Chow used the same ones over and over) or by the stamps he marked the back of his prints with.

Yucho-Chow-Seal social

There is an excellent story from the Tyee here about Clement’s project and Chow’s work as well as in the Globe here and in the Vancouver Sun here.

Please note the above photos of the photographer Yucho Chow and of his Main Street studio/storefront is from the Peter Chow family and the Tyee article. The stamp image is from the Catherine Clement/Yucho Chow website.



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