Winnipeg Perspective 1979 – Barbara Astman, Sorel Cohen, Suzy Lake, Arnaud Maggs and Ian Wallace

Winnipeg Perspective1

A Winnipeg Art Gallery exhibition catalogue from 1979 found at a book sale highlights the work of five photographers. Four of the five, Barbara Astman, Sorel Cohen, Suzy Lake and Ian Wallace are still active and prominent in Canadian and international art and photography worlds. The fifth, Arnaud Maggs passed away in 2012.

The exhibition was The Winnipeg Perspective 1979-Photo/Extended Dimensions and was according to Director Roger L. Selby both the second Perspective show and the second to concentrate on the medium of photography.

Winnipeg Perspective2

The Perspective shows developed from The Winnipeg Show, a national biennial juried exhibition that ran from 1955-1970 according to curator Karyn Allen’s preface.

Winnipeg Perspective3

Barbara Astman

Winnipeg Perspective4

Sorel Cohen

Winnipeg Perspective5

Suzy Lake

Winnipeg Perspective6

Arnaud Maggs

Winnipeg Perspective7

Ian Wallace

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